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Career committee 2018-2019
Date and time
Oct 16, 2018 19:00 - 22:00
van Swinderen Huys

We are excited to announce our first career night which will be about the path towards your career. We invite you to come, relax, and get inspired by 'Gelukkige Student' and William Pitz.
Doors at Van Swinderen Huys will open at 19:00.

Marian, also known as 'Gelukkige Student', will come and tell us everything about being happy as a psychology student. You may know her from Instagram, where she inspires students to stay happy and healthy during their study. During our career evening, she will tell everything about how she got where she is now, why she made certain choices. She will inspire you about being a psychology student and how to stay true to yourself, despite of all the pressure during your study. Besides, she will give you some tips and tricks on how you can make 'the best' decisions in making your own, personal career. This can be very helpful during your whole life! We hope you will all be happy students after her presentation and that you will know how to make choices about you and for yourself!

William Pitz will show opportunities psychology students of the University of Groningen have after they finished their bachelor's degree. Some of these might give you a completely new insight into the purpose of your studies. Additionally, he will point out what characteristics psychology bachelor students will have acquired after the three years and will highlight how these qualify each and everyone for specific careers.

The Career committee organizes four career nights a year. There will be speakers out of specific work fields based on the master programs offered at University of Groningen. These people talk about their experiences, their career paths, and give career tips. There will be lots to discover for YOUR future!

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