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Warmony - Diemensies:

Diemensies is the magazine of Psychology in Groningen. With inspiring and engaging articles written by students, it takes the leap from the theoretical study and puts knowledge and experience from various psychological fields in perspective, as we see how psychology is apparent in our daily lives. This edition is about war and harmony and has thus been named: “Warmony”. Lieke Molenaar, one of the authors of Diemensies, introduces the newest edition to you:

The field of psychology would not be the way it is today without war. World War Two gave a boost to research in psychology and years later, the replication crisis brought a lot of changes. This edition will elaborate on those developments. Also, we will give more insights into the life of soldiers, Holocaust denial and the battle in the university library. Next to these literal aspects of the theme, the topics of war and harmony with the inner-self are discussed. How to survive the struggle of being healthy when cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and fast food are luring you? And how to deal with tempting social media in this digital world?”

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