Study committee

Study Committee


Hi y’all!

We are this years’ study committee. We might not be a large committee, but we’re a proud one! Our duty is to make sure all your books are available and ready to use. We are also going to organise study days throughout the year so you don’t have to wake up too early for a spot in the UB.

Our chair and treasurer this year is the Dutch Laura. She lives on cappuccino’s and bakes the best cinnamon cookies in the world (that’s right: in the world). She loooves Fall, so you’ll find her wrapped in a blanket sitting by the fire at Zondag with a chai latte in her hands.

Moving on, our secretary is Reka, the gym-freak Hungarian who´s chill until she drinks wine and starts talking about politics. Catch her in the library´s corner crying over a cat video (or exam stress).

Now good news: we’re still looking for more members to complete our circle of love and to have a slightly bigger chance at winning the committee battle, so you can still join us!

XOXO the study committee

Study committee 2019-2020

Laura Harmina Keijzer (2019) Chairman
Reka Novak (2019) -
Renske Jonker (2017) -
Renske de Jong (2017) -

The Study committee is in charge of the book sales at the beginning of each block. They are in contact with the book supplier, and make promotion for the book sale. They also make sure they know which books are used for every course during a semester to make sure everyone gets the books they need.


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