Study committee

It is with pride that I present to you: The Study Committee '17-'18 putting the 'Fun' back in 'Study & Fun'

We are responsible for all study related activities and we'll make sure that you get the correct books on time!

First, I would like to introduce Katja Grodjicovic, our wonderful Secretary. She is kind of our committee mother, if it wasn't for her we would forget everything (but mainly Thom). With all that she does, her jobs, and a super busy schedule, it is understandable why she is taking a half-year vacation to Spain!

Then our Dutch Bachelor commander: Sinead Twomey. She looks really cute and small but when she drinks she goes all out and no one can keep up. She is a proper Irish-ish so she will be grand and it's also quite ironic that she doesn't speak a word of Dutch...Lekker.

For the English Bachelor, we have Martin Romkes aka 'Mr. Slick'. Always well dressed at our meetings. and a voice like an angel, he'll likely be the next Theun Star. He couldn't make it to the ALW because he was way too busy fixing your study. Also, a part-time Olaf from frozen look alike.

And the Master: Eva Hoogvliet--- Straight out of the ghetto, Apeldoorn. Our blonde midget with the big puppy dog eyes, she is bold with a big mouth (but also with a small heart) and notorious for the fact that she can't handle her alcohol. Don't let all of this fool you though, Eva is all about reading and doing.

For our Treasurer we have Taylor MacKenzie Hodges - our American/Chinese, orchestra talent. She moved all the way from the US just to be part of this committee. Always with a positive attitude, she likes memes, but loves candy, and her Dutch is amazing (even though she still thinks it isn't).

And then the Chairman: Thom van den Eshof. Besides being the best chairman ever, he is also a study wonder, role model student, and a voorbeeld voor elke man! He keeps the committee together, strict, but fair. With his cooking skills and just his looks alone, it is hard to imagine that he is still single (0621417751).

And our reinforcement from 'MURICA: Wouter Sonneveldt. Always the positive attitude, he really is the pillar that holds the committee together.


Study committee 2017-2018

Thom van den Eshof (2014) Chairman
Ekaterina Grigorieva (2015) Secretary
Taylor MacKenzie Hodges (2016) Treasurer
Sinead Twomey (2017) Coordinator Dutch Bachelor
Martin Romkes (2016) Coordinator English Bachelor
Eva Hoogvliet (2016) Coördinator Master

The Study committee is in charge of the book sales at the beginning of each block. They are in contact with the book supplier, and make promotion for the book sale. They also make sure they know which books are used for every course during a semester to make sure everyone gets the books they need.


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