Stoso congress committee

STOSO-congres committee


Introduction of the most diverse committee from VIP: the STOSO Congress Committee

When I talk to a VIP member and tell them I’m part from the STOSO committee, a lot of people reply with a questioned look. Questions like ‘Could you eat that?’ or ‘What the hell do you do?’ or ‘What does it even mean?’ come up. To be honest, we also don’t know what STOSO stands for. What we do know, is that our committee is the committee that has the largest diversity of people from VIP.

Let’s start with our chairwoman, Julie Snel. This girl is 10 meters tall, but still looks adorably cute and always wears a smile on her face (preferably with red lipstick). She tries to be organized in her life, but to be honest, she’s most organized in her function in the committee. The rest is sometimes kind of a mess.

Next up: Wendelien Barkema, our lovely, super-organized secretary. At first sight, you will be charmed by her big blues eyes but don’t let her fool you!! This small human dynamo never misses an opportunity to roast the rest of us or drop a nasty joke. You never know what to expect with her: from one moment to the next, she turns from a dying sloth on the couch into a funky party animal (*Nis dancing in the background*). All in all, she’s all right.

Our treasurer is Twinkle Correa. This person is interesting. She is from Dubai, was born in India, but has a Portuguese passport. And now she lives in the Netherlands. You could say this is pretty complicated, but luckily she is not a complicated person. At first glance (twinkle, twinkle) she looks a little shy, but when she has started talking, we have totally altered our minds. Nice girl.

We have two persons for the function ‘Promotion’ They go together extremely well! No, they don’t. Nis Fahl is the German, super hot, playboy-ish man in our committee, the only one. His function is Promotion. He loves being around girls, except from Isis de Gucht, who helps Nis with promotion, with whom he has to collaborate throughout the whole year. Luckily her prominent function is ‘Location.’

Isis is our little dwarf. She has no alcohol tolerance at all and is very good at sarcastic jokes. We always tease her with her first-years-way-of-reasoning. Drinking beer or wine is very hard for her, but we teach her how to do it and she learns very quickly. A nice quote by Isis: ‘Ik noem ze Vindicatjes. Dat maakt ze schattiger, terwijl ik eigenlijk bang voor ze ben.’ By the way, she is named after a DJ.

Ruth O’Malley a.k.a. princess Merida from ‘Brave’ is in charge of the Acquisition. This girl is from Ireland (love her accent, by the way) and likes baby Guinness, or drinking in general. Also, she is very polite. I think she says I’m sorry about a hundred times a day, even if she doesn’t have to. You can be proud of your parents, girl.

In charge of external contacts and the theme of our congress: Leilah, the German girl –cute but a bit confused- who can speak Dutch fluently. Nis, you can learn a lot from her. Her house is the best place on earth, but she thinks it looks ugly (why?). In some way, she always gets very frustrated when we talk about pandas. She really does not want a panda, but we will see what happens…

Stosocongress committee 2018-2019

Wendelien Barkema (2017) Secretary
Julie Afra Snel (2016) Chairman
Nis Bennet Fahl (2017) Promotion
Leilah Saphira Uebel (2016) Theme
Isis de Gucht (2018) Location
Ruth O Malley (2018) Acquisition
Twinkle Darlene Correa (2018) Treasurer

Each year the STOSO-congrescommittee organizes the STOSO-congress. This congress is in the theme of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The goal of the congress is to build a bridge between the theory and the practice. About 150 people participate in this congress. The congress always has a few interesting lectures given by people in the field. The lectures alternate with some workshops where the participants can be active. As a member of this committee, you have to take care of acquisition, to make sure the whole day can be paid for. Also, you have to make promotion for your event, find good lecturers and people who can give workshops and coordinate during the day itself.


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