Stoso congress committee

The STOSO-congress committee is in charge of organizing a yearly congress related to the topics of Social, Industrial and Organizational Psychology. These congress aims at bridging the gap between the psychological theory and the practice, by providing attendees the opportunity to engage in workshops and attend lectures relating to the topic of that year’s congress. Both Dutch and internationals are encouraged to attend the congress, and even if it is directed at students, people from all backgrounds can attend. 

As a member of the committee, you will have to organize and prepare the congress with anticipation together with the whole committee and with the help of the VIP board and the previous STOSO-congress committee. Aspects to take care of include acquisition, promotion, finding lecturers and workshops, finding a suitable location, and coordination during the day of the event. 


Stosocongres committee 2017-2018

Daniela Mariucci (2015) Chairman
Wouter van Citters (2016) Secretary
Annina Marianne Nyroos (2015) Treasurer
Edzard T Krijgsheld (2016) Acquisition
Suzanne van Bosbeek (2016) Location
Wencke Donath (2017) Theme
Tanne Hopkes (2016) Promotion

Each year the STOSO-congrescommittee organizes the STOSO-congress. This congress is in the theme of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The goal of the congress is to build a bridge between the theory and the practice. About 150 people participate in this congress. The congress always has a few interesting lectures given by people in the field. The lectures alternate with some workshops where the participants can be active. As a member of this committee, you have to take care of acquisition, to make sure the whole day can be paid for. Also, you have to make promotion for your event, find good lecturers and people who can give workshops and coordinate during the day itself.


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