Stoso congress committee

STOSO-Conference Committee


The STOSO congress committee organizes one big event at the end of the year: the STOSO congress! This is a one-day congress that focuses on a contemporary topic in the field of Social Psychology and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The visitors get in touch with the topic by means of captivating lectures, hands-on workshops and networking possibilities. Although the congress is mainly aimed at psychology students, it also interests students from other disciplines and people in the workfield. This why it attracts many people: around 100 visitors every year!

The STOSO congress is the third committee for Marijne. Being an old hand at organizing VIP activities, she is a great asset for the committee! When one of the committee members is clueless, Marijne is there to save the day. When you bump into her at VIP parties, it’s more likely to encounter her with a glass of chocolate milk than a beer or a glass of wine. This is because she renounces alcohol since the day she got hammered on two glasses of wine watching ‘Farmer wants a wife’. But luckily, she doesn’t need alcohol to loosen up. It’s always fun to have a conversation with her! And these social skills may come in handy as she is one of our External affairs.

Carmen is the promotion star of our dreams. She is the most enthusiastic human-being you will ever come across and everything makes her happy. Even a pretty cloud can make her cry out of happiness. She loves to put her own creativity in everything she does. She is wilder than her wildest dreams (which in fact, are very wild!). We’re glad she’s not doing our finances, because otherwise we would only eat bread and water with every meeting, maybe on special occasions she will make us some greek wrappies (her signature dish!).  

Irmani is our second half of the External Affairs. Her beautiful Bambi-eyes work as a charm to collect the speakers for our big day. People tend to like this girl quickly, just as we did when we first met. But once you get to know her, she may surprise you. You can’t tell she comes from a tiny village, as her fashion-style gives off city-vibes (fun fact: she comes from the same village as Maartje and they didn’t know each other before). 

For our acquisition we have Chana. She thinks she is a little intimidating, because of her piercings and tattoos, but we think she’s pretty okay. Even though she is a student, she has a very big and nice house with an amazing housecat, that looks like the dragon from the movie ‘How to train a dragon’. Her characteristics are her great dry, sarcastic, and sometimes dark humor, quick commentary and she always has some catchphrases in the back of her head. The story she likes to tell at parties is that she once slipped on a meatball. Chana is also very hardworking with her exceptional fixed contract at Kruidvat. This makes her a great addition to our committee. 

Tall as a giant, Marije stands at the front of our committee as the chairwoman. This would make you think she has everything figured out. Well, turns out not to be like that, because at our first meeting, she was already half an hour late because she locked herself out of her house. She is the oldest of our committee, but certainly not the wisest. In the beginning, she was the only committee member, so she recruited all of us as her minions. But we must admit: she’s the best Gru ever. 

Britt is our committee-baby and looks very innocent. You might not expect it, but she is our biggest party-animal and enjoys her beer every now and then. She doesn’t live in Groningen yet, which makes her a traveller. But, we can not fully trust on her public transport-skills, because she once fell asleep on a train and ended up at the wrong destination. Britt might replace Marije as a chairwoman one day (if Marije suffers from an existential breakdown, not unlikely), because Britt is also a chairwoman in a committee from the UMCG. But despite everything, Britt is very organized and that comes in handy in her Secretary tasks. 

Maartje is our treasurer. She and Marijne are the grannies of the group, because she already settled with her boyfriend and has an aquarium in her apartment. She gets really excited about every little thing there is, like a kid in a candy store. Especially about christmas, as she wishes to celebrate christmas all year long. She also is an expert at the McDonalds, because she has worked here for years. So don’t come knocking at her door with mediocre cold chicken nuggets. We couldn’t wish for a better treasurer and we can always count on her!

Stoso-Conference Committee

Marije Boer (2017) Chairman
Carmen Amber Petstra (2018) Promotion
Marijne van der Meer (2017) Location
Irmani Marskamp (2018) Theme / External Affairs
Chana Vledderman (2018) Acquisition
Maartje Maud Fens (2018) Treasurer
Britt Sijbolts (2019) Secretary

Each year the STOSO-congrescommittee organizes the STOSO-congress. This congress is in the theme of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The goal of the congress is to build a bridge between the theory and the practice. About 150 people participate in this congress. The congress always has a few interesting lectures given by people in the field. The lectures alternate with some workshops where the participants can be active. As a member of this committee, you have to take care of acquisition, to make sure the whole day can be paid for. Also, you have to make promotion for your event, find good lecturers and people who can give workshops and coordinate during the day itself.


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