Instellingen- en bedrijvendag commissie

Instellingen- en bedrijvendag commissie


Instellingen- en bedrijvendagcommissie 2018-2019

Anne van den Bos (2016) Treasurer
Lente Gerlagh (2017) Chairman
Edzard T Krijgsheld (2016) External Affairs
Jeanine Reus (2016) Secretary
Helene van der Zee (2017) Acquisition

The Instellingen- en bedrijvendagcommissie (Ibco) is founded to organize a day for institutions and companies. Together with the Faculty board, ODIOM, and SociĆ«tas, the committee tries to integrate and connect students from the studies of the faculty with each other. The event will also try to connect students to the work field. The overall idea of this day is that companies and institutions offer workshops, interviews, information lunches, and other related activities to give students a better image of their future career possibilities within the field of behavioral and social sciences. It is up to the committee as to what the exact program of the day will look like. The committee consists of students from all three studies offered by the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. As member of this committee you will be responsible for getting speakers, people that can give workshops, and a location to hold the event. Of course, you will also be responsible for promoting this event.


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