Career committee


Career committee 2017-2018

Anne van den Bos (2016) Chairman
Esther Kamminga (2016) Treasurer
Amber Kroon (2015) External Affairs
Sanne van Dijken (2016) Secretary
Linda Offringa (2017) Promotion
Marijne van der Meer (2017) External Affairs

The Career committee organizes four career-evenings every year. The topics of each evening are based on the different master programs that are offered at the University of Groningen. This means the evenings will be about Developmental Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Neuropsychology. On these career-evenings, people from the field will come and talk about their work and their career. They will also give career tips to the participants. If you are in this committee, you will mostly be busy trying to find multiple speakers for each evening, and a location. Flyers will also be handed out to let people know there will be a career evening. 


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