Working Group Diversity & Inclusion


Working Group Diversity & Inclusion 2019-2020

Laura Argast (2017) -
Daniel Buxton (2016) -
Elena Degenhardt (2019) -
Optimist Engbi (2018) -
Isis de Gucht (2018) -
Mikaella Kyriakou (2018) -
Shona Marshall (2018) -
Lotte Mensink (2017) -
Nela Noll (2019) -
Nadine Rombach (2019) -

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group VIP exists within VIP to represent the diversity within the association. This working group supports and advises the Board with their decision primarily regarding matters Internationalization and Inclusion in regard to culture, although also focussing on other factors relevant to VIP. The two explicit main goals of the Working group, is firstly to increase the awareness about the diversity within the association and secondly to improve the inclusion of all VIP-members in the association. Thus, the working group chiefly acts as an advisory group towards the board of VIP in an attempt to reduce the inequalities and exclusions within VIP. Currently, the members of the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group are Isis de Gucht, Nela Noll, Nadine Rombach, Mikaella Kyriacou, Laura Argast, Elena Degenhardt, Shona Marshall and Optimist Engbi with Daniel Buxton and Lotte Mensink as representatives from the board.

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