Promotion structure

Promotion structure


Look at this uncoordinated bunch of students, hanging, falling and chilling at our ruin of a Faculty. If you look closely, you'll probably recognize them; these people have to be the PROMOTION STRUCTURE 2018-2019!!

Let me introduce you to all of them:

Luc is our Holy Boss. Any request Luc makes is immediately executed Every ‘Promo structure chill evening’ contains a worshipping break in which we show our devotion to LUC. With all of the strings in his hand, some people call him our Puppetmaster.

The Puppetmaster’s favourite has to be Sofia following up on every request faster than the speed of light. The only pictures that don’t require her photoshop skills are her selfies.

Jolien has not only proven to be a master in psychology, but also in providing promotion material. Being in the Promotion Structure for the second year, shows her love for being creative. Next to that, Jolien isn’t afraid to let her inner monkey out and climb up high to spot some new inspirations for her upcoming work!

In the current age of Photoshop, our own Age is invaluable. AcrobAge, as we like to call him, is the wizard of the cursor and creates the most wonderful (ánd neat) posters we’ve ever seen. Being one of the last the join our group, he’s our omniscient leader in the production of our soon-to-be made creations.

Always giving the good example, that’s what Youri’s doing. Providing VIP-members with a Photoshop workshop: ‘How to turn your friends faces into an Alien’ is one of his favourite activities. He’s the one to follow when you’re trying to make a fabulous poster.

Iris the Giant is still a little lacking in Photoshop skills, being the last one to learn it. But don’t we all learn by trial and error? As well as learning how to create promotion gems, she likes to walk around showing off her ‘gigantic personality’.

And then, being the peaceful centre of the Promotion structure chaos, we have Kim. Kim is the Nestor of our group. Given she has over 4 years of Promotion structure experience; it’s easy for her to lead this bunch of weirdo’s to some pure Photoshop perfection. Kim is definitely Adobe girl!

Promotion structure 2018-2019

Luc Gerrits (2015) Chairman
Kim Bakker (2014) Secretary
Youri Lohuis (2014) Member
Sofia Barzev (2016) Member
Jolien Schalk (2017) Member
Age Geert Boomstra (2015) Member
Iris Botermans (2014) Member

The promotion structure helps committees and the board if needed to make posters for any given activity. If a committee hneeds help they can send a request via email. The structure then will make the poster and send it to the committee. If a committee needs a video for promotional purposes the promo structure will get contacted as well. Members of this structure need to be able to work with Photoshop or be able to make promotional videos. The structure has the right to deny help if the members cannot make the poster in time.


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