Promotion structure

​A poster says more than a thousand words.


Promotion structure 2017-2018

Kim Bakker (2014) Chairman
Youri Lohuis (2014) -
Hannah Isabell Meckling (2015) -
Sofia Barzev (2016) -
Linda Offringa (2017) -
Sanne Beijer (2017) -
Jolien Schalk (2017) -
Machteld Vossen (2016) -
Eva ter Haar (2013) -
Jesse Rijpkema (2014) -

The promotion structure helps committees and the board if needed to make posters for any given activity. If a committee hneeds help they can send a request via email. The structure then will make the poster and send it to the committee. If a committee needs a video for promotional purposes the promo structure will get contacted as well. Members of this structure need to be able to work with Photoshop or be able to make promotional videos. The structure has the right to deny help if the members cannot make the poster in time.


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