Manus structure

You’ve probably heard of them. Those godlike superstars that travel the world in their private jets. Performing in front of the largest crowds at events all around the world. Travelling from festival to festival. Residencies at the world’s most prestigious clubs. Dressed in black, wearing shades, eating lobster and drinking $600 bottles of booze all day long. Men want to be like them, women want to be with them.

Well unfortunately, that’s not us. We are the members of the Manus-structure and the closest we get to the situation described above is probably when one of us decides to throw on a black shirt. We, Pauly S., Dani-L & Pauli M. S. perform during the monthly drinks at Het Pakhuis and the two yearly camps. Furthermore, we assist the board during the camps and are the to-go- to guys when any of the VIP’s committees or structures needs help with audio or lighting during their events.

We’re looking forward to see you soon @ one of VIP’s events!


Manus structure 2017-2018

Daniel van Buuren (2015) -
Paul Schubertrügmer (2017) -
Paul Slagter (2014) -

This structure task is very divers. They help the board on the registrationdays, they make sure there's music on special events like the Introductionweekend or the Active Members Weekend, also they are in charge of playing music during the monthly drinks at Het Pakhuis.

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