Theater committee (Theun)

Theater committee (Theun)


For the last few years there has been a theatre play, organized and performed by Psychology students! We are Theun, the theatre committee, and we're the ones that make this happen. This beautiful theatre play will take place in May, and everyone is invited to come and enjoy it. 


We are the people that are going to make all this happen. Let us introduce ourselves. Or rather, we’ll have one member of our group introduce another member, just to make it more interesting.

“Angela is our secretary. She types frantically behind her laptop during the meeting. This may sound

very simple, but this task requires the light-fingered finesse of an advanced pianist. Angela, luckily,

owns these skills and she types faster than her own shadow. This is necessary because during the

meetings it might be a little hectic and look like a chicken coop.

Fortunately Angela takes notes while being cool-headed, so there will be discipline during the chaotic storm.

Angela Voskuilen, eye of the storm, the secretary from THEUN.”  - Bente.

“The name is Bente, 18 springs young but already an accomplished Theatre player. For a change, she decided to witness the other side of the theatre process, which led to her choice to attend the organization of a play. The vibrant party at the center of Schiermonnikoog has been traded in for the oh so tame city of Groningen. Here, she opens a study book every so often, tries to get a football in the net and keeps up with the external contacts in the name of our commission.” – Xander.

“Janneke leads, as our chairman, every meeting. In our committee you have to be very organized to

do that , since it always turns out crazy and chaotic. Read walking over the street as a kickboxer,

gangster, kangaroo, American Viking, Santa Claus and a crazy house wife. But Janneke can handle this crazy people and can make it to a good meeting every week. It is also her job to make

the agenda for the meeting and hand out the tasks during the meeting and this turns out great. She is

born for it.”- Angela.

“Xander, Xander, Xander…. Our acquisition person. You’ll have to look hard to find someone better in talking about the deep stuff then Xander. Always ready with divers insights in relevant philosophical questions. Like, does the weed mouth spray in his room actually contain weed? Does he know?...... No…….. Does he want to know?....... Yes and no……. Will he ever find out?....... maybe, some time…. But what is the right time? Who knows….. And does it even matter?............ So do you want to have your mind blown, talk to our acquisition contact: Xander.” – Age.

“Ah yes, Age, the master of Photoshop. Even though his Photoshop skills are unmatched, he isn’t the promotion of this committee, but the treasurer. He makes sure that any unwise decisions won’t ruin our bank account. Although now I think about it, he was the one that bought our flaming bandana’s, so I’m not exactly sure about that one. With having tried a thousand sports and having the habit of hitting people with his boxing gloves (I’m especially being targeted here), it is not surprising that he is a guy who cannot sit still and always needs something to fidget with.” – Yvette.

“With her flaming locks, you might also call her the promoter of the THEUN. Within the committee, she will make sure that all of you stay updated on the progress of our great theater piece, that we will present to you upcoming year. With her enthusiasm and creativity she will find ways to inform and entertain you and maybe keep you from studying. And if enthusiasm and creativity isn’t enough, she will karate-kid you into those theater seats. So watch out.” - Janneke

Theun 2018-2019

Janneke Zijlstra (2017) Chairman
Xander Waalewijn (2018) External contacten & Acquisitie
Bente Postema (2018) External contacten & Acquisitie
Yvette Fiona Paul (2018) Promotion
Age Geert Boomstra (2015) Treasurer
Angela Voskuilen (2017) Secretary

The Theater committee (Theun) is an idea fund committee. The Theun organizes a fantastic theater play, where all the actors are VIP members!


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