Theater committee (Theun)

Theater committee (Theun)



Are you familiar with the process of making a stew? At first, when you’re just starting to prepare, it’s
as if you’re throwing random elements together, wondering how in hell this is going to turn out well.
It looks like a mess, the pieces aren’t cut right and the pan is too small. This is what most of our
meetings would look like from a bystanders perspective (trust us, this is what we’ve been told by our
director); the meetings are messy, loud and sometimes ugly.
The beautiful aspect of a stew, as well as our creation process, is that, over time, all the separate
elements become fused into a beautiful, delicious, nicely smelling mess. In the end, all our
personalities will result in a wonderful whole (please, don’t argue with me on this, otherwise I won’t
sleep at night). Thirza’s tendency to hossel, Bente’s skill to propageer, Jitske’s habit to tip, Manual’s
panding nature and Xander’s impulse to overbrug; all of it adds up to an impressively wonderful
experience that stimulates all senses.

Theun 2019-2020

Xander Waalewijn (2018) Chairman
Bente Postema (2018) Acquistion/ Fund recruiter
Thirza Vivian Osinga (2018) Acquistion/ Fund recruiter
Manuel Weber (2017) External Affairs/ Treasurer
Jitske Mous (2019) Secretary

The Theater committee (Theun) is an idea fund committee. The Theun organizes a fantastic theater play, where all the actors are VIP members!


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