Theater committee (Theun)

The theater committee Theun, organizes a fantastic theater play, where all the actors are people from our own faculty, each year. To make this happen, the committee is led by 6 girls who are all interested in making this an awesome experience for everyone. There is Anne , our chairwoman, who has an overview about everything that is going on in the committee. Nikki is our secretary, who has to have very quick fingers to write down everything when all the girls start talking at the same time. These two are also a brilliant shopping team, for choosing committee clothes. Marit is in charge of the acquisition. She uses all her charm to persuade companies to sponsor our lovely play. When she has done that Negat can use the money to find locations for our auditions, rehearsals and the actual play. So, she is concerned with all the external affairs. Sanne uses all her creativity to promote our play, so all of you come to watch it. And last but not least, Greta is our newest member who takes care of the treasuring and brings some internationality in the committee. With this team we try to organize a fantastic theater play for all of you and maybe you also want to join as one of the actors and participate in the play.

The Theun organizes one theater play which will take place in the end of May. This year it is still in dutch, so only people who are capable to speak dutch can become an actor in the play. When you become an actor you will participate in the weekly rehearsals and then you will also go to a players weekend with all your colleges and the committee members, to practice for the show. Everyone else is invited to come and watch the play in May. Now a description of our members:

Negat, aka Beyonce, is the extremely talented and beautiful woman we all know. She steels every show, even if she is not doing a thing. This says enough about this extraordinary woman. (also written by the incredible writer Negat ( aka Beyonce) ).

Nikki is an attractive young woman. She has the brains and the beauty. Men fall head over heels for her and women turn lesbian for her. They can not control it. Damn.

Anne, poeh, how can I even begin. She shines brighter than the sun. She’s worth more than a diamond. She’s kind and dammmn so beautiful. Did you see those cheekbones?

Marit, JUST WONDERFUL. She is fun, loving, beautiful and smart. She knows how to dress, i’m always impressed. There is no way you can not love her.

Sanne, omg, I can not handle talking about her. She’s too amazing!! She is so creative, smart and fun. She can make everything into a work of art. And did I already tell you about how beautiful she is?! A real bombshell.

Greta. Damn, too many beautiful women in our group! She looks amazing and she is really sweet and kind. When you meet her you instantly like her. I MEAN LOVE HER.


Theun 2017-2018

Anne Kuipers (2007) Chairman
Nikki Thuss (2016) Secretary
Marit Lutjenhuis (2017) Acquisition
Negat Abdu (2015) External Affairs
Sanne Beijer (2017) Promotion
Greta Johanna Heller (2016) Treasurer

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