Sustainability Committee


First in line: Jasmijn. As our treasurer she is taking the best possible care of our finances. Weirdly,even though she is one of our dutchies, her most hated colour is orange. Good for us though, as itwill make the chances of our budget numbers being in the black even higher! Her special love for tea will probably help her with this, as it allows her to always create a chill and relaxed aura aroundherself and us!
On the top right is our chairwoman Larissa! If she’s not organizing one of our chaotic skype meetings,you’ll probably find her on a 2 hours stroll through the city or working on her career as a plant lady (since her first babies did not survive this summer).
For the external affairs we first have our lovely Zoe on the left. Zoe is always in to go to a flea market (but make sure to tell her to meet 10 minutes in advance, since she’s always a bit late �� ). Also, likeall of us, she really likes good food, and she usually eats it during our Skype meetings.
Deike has all the connections and always knows the best places to go to. That is why she manages our external affairs together with Zoe. When she needs to relax from writing her thesis, she does pole dancing. Besides that, she makes the best vegan burgers. If you make her a gin tonic, you might get lucky and get Deike to make you one of these infamous burgers.

Then we have Luisa! She is our lovely secretary, who always writes amazing minutes. Most importantly, she’s the one who helps us to stay organized: without her, our committee would never know what we have to do. Just like the rest of us, Luisa is a vegetarian, but if she would ever start eating meat again, it would be because of the German Currywurst.
And last, but not least, we have Doris. Our second dutchie is the top promoter of our committee. Her energy and positive vibes are contagious and the committee lives from her great input. Ask her something and you will always get great and honest advice!

Sustainability committee 2020-2021

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