Lustrum Committee

Lustrum Committee


The Lustrum committee is going to organize the 8th lustrum of VIP. We are going to organize a fun and memorable event in may 2021, for all students and alumni from VIP. There are going to be lots of social and educational activities that you can join.

To let this all happen, we have this amazing committee that is already working very hard to organize this event. 

Hannah is our chairwomen, she will make sure we all do our job and she makes sure there is a plan for this amazing event.

Faye is our secretary and she is keeping the overview in this busy group of seven girls.

Floor is our treasurer, which means she is in charge of all the money and makes sure we can spend all of it to make a memorable weekend. 

Maaike is our external affairs, which means she is in contact with all the people and companies that will make this event happen. 

Leonie is doing the promotion and she will make sure that you all know exactly what will happen. 

Janneke and Roanne are doing acquisition together and they will make sure that there is enough money to realize this amazing event. 

Hopefully we will see all your faces at the Lustrum!!!!

Be there or be square <3

Lustrum Committee 2020-2021

Hannah Depner (2018) Chairman
Janneke Zijlstra (2017) -
Leonie Nijboer (2018) -
Maaike Mulder (2017) -
Roanne van der Aa (2018) -
Faye Yu Huang (2019) -
Floor Hanna de Ruiter (2020) -