Integration committee

Probably without any exception everybody met an international student at our faculty – That’s where the Integration Committee kicks in! In order to build a bridge between all students coming to our lovely faculty from everywhere around the world web organise 4 awesome activities for you every year! Going from left to right, staring at the top row, there is Anouk, getting in contact with the right people once we made a plan what we want to organise! In order not to be broke instantly, Theresa buzzes out to get enough acquisition for all our endeavours. Supporting that, animal loving Tara keeps an eye on our budget. In between, Yannick keeps all together by spamming everybody with printed agendas and looking for the next food place. To make sure our events are even more hyped, Stephanie puts all her creativity and Photoshop-skills in creating awesome Flyers and Posters. Last but definitely not least, Gea wraps up what we discussed in notes and keeps us informed about our Committee E-Mail- Life. Now after you know everybody of us we look forward to see you at our upcoming events!


Integration committee 2017-2018

Yannick Nicolas Schuette (2016) Chairman
Tara Marijewko (2017) Treasurer
Anouk Koster (2016) External Affairs
Stefanie Roth (2017) Promotion
Theresa Schulze (2017) Acquisition

The Integration committee of VIP organizes four activities every year with the aim to integrate Dutch and international students. The committee also consist of as many Dutch students as internationals. The members are free to decide what activity to organize as long as the attendees get the chance to come in contact with each other. In past years there have been a whisky tasting, a cocktail making workshop, and a chocolate fondue dinner.


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