DIES means birthday and birthday basically stands for partying and having fun! As this year´s super connected (okay bad hint for the theme) Dies/IC Committee we are responsible for exactly that: FUN!

Our chairwomen Nanette not only has an awesome collection of skids and dresses but also does she always have a plan. Whenever someone is not sure about how do something or where something can be found- she knows it! As our “mum” it is her job to make sure everyone else is doing their job. As our acquisition team Myrthe and Daniel not only have all the connections to basically every club and bar in Groningen but they also know everyone in VIP. Or well at least Myrthe who is a Groningen original does. And Daniel just gets to know everyone while being unbeatable at beer pong at every VIP drink. Lotte not only is a professional when it comes to statistics but also in keeping contact with all our external affairs. She is the one who calls all the companies we want to work with. As the only non Dutch one in the DIES-family Laura our secretary with the crazy laugh takes care of the minutes and all the mails. And who is the one in charge of all the money? Irene – our lovely treasurer who not only goes for a swim every morning but also has an overview of all our finances and who probably will stop us from buying unnecessary stuff. And last but not least we have Lennart who is the newest member of our committee. Responsible for our promotion is the guy who designs all the flyers and posters if he is not recording lectures or motivating all of us with a fun dance. Now there is only one more thing to say:

We zingen ons fit lala. We zingen ons fit jaja. We springen lekker in het rond Yes, daarom – baDIESbadom.

Hé, kom je mee op kamp? Beerpong speele? Doe ook mee, doe ook mee! Kom erbij, want samen VIPpen.

We hope to see all of you this summer participating as leaders and making the week and the introduction camp as awesome as possible.

Veel liefs,



Diescommittee 2017-2018

Nanette Zwaneveld (2014) Chairman
Laura Argast (2017) Secretary
Irene Menkveld (2014) Treasurer
Lotte Mensink (2017) External Affairs
Myrthe van Wilgen (2017) Acquisition
Daniel Buxton (2016) Acquisition
Lennart Hoogewerf (2017) Promotion

The Dies committee organizes the Diesweek. During this week the birthday of VIP is celebrated. The committee organizes 3 parties and day activities. As member of the Dies committee you will also automatically be in the Introduction committee, as they organize both the Diesweek and the introduction camp. The committee creats the program for the introduction camp. The committee has to find acquisition to make sure the week can be paid  for and find location and lecturers/people who can give a workshop for the activities and parties. Of course, the committee also has to promote their events. 

E-mail: diescommittee@vipsite.nl

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