Master community Clinical, Developmental & Forensic Psychology

Dear Vip-members!

We are the master committee Clinical, Developmental and Forensic Psychology & Victimology. We are a hard-working team with four social students. For a great team spirit we eat together before our meetings, and we like (to join) lovely drinks. We present you: Yvonne (chairwoman), she makes sure everyone does their job in time. She also makes sure that the committee doesn’t collapse under the pressure of organizing amazing activities. All important things are noted down by Jitske (secretary). In addition, she also ensures that all internal contacts are running smoothly. Julia (treasurer) makes sure all money is spent on (master)member activities, and we don’t spend it on other important things like good drinks. Because of her we don’t go bankrupt too early. Last but not least: Annely (PR- extern). She ensures that other organizations will do all the hard work for us, so we can created a wonderful activity. All together we set up some amazing activities!

We organize different activities (social activities & study-related activities) for master-students. Sometimes we will turn to a larger adience, so more people can join the activities! We already organized an interview training, to ensure every master student was prepared for the application period for internships. The next activity is in co-operation with the GAP (Groninger Alumnivereniging Psychologie), to bridge the gap between students and graduates. Where we invited ‘Samen beter’, to create a faster relation between clients and graduated psychologists. The activity that will come next, will be a reading from 113, suicide prevention. This is about working as a volunteer and an experience expert will talk about his experience with suicide. The fourth activity will be a really active activity to ends this academic year with a sportive biem; jumping fitness. In short, some serious, relevant, impressive and active activities will be presented by us!  

We hope to see you at one of (our)VIP-activities!

With love,

Master committee ‘17-’18 (Clinical, Developmental and Forensic Psychology & Victimology)


Mastercommunity Clinical, Developmental & Forensic 2017-2018

Yvonne Alards (2017) Chairman
Annely Boersma (2017) External Affairs
Julia van Schaik (2014) Treasurer

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