Master community Clinical, Developmental & Forensic Psychology

The master committee Clinical, Developmental and Forensic Psychology & Victimology


​Ola cariños/cariñas!

We present to you, the master committee Clinical, Developmental and Forensic Psychology & Victimology! We are a hardworking team which makes sure to combine on-point organization of our activities, while having enough room for jokes and laughter. Hereby, we present to you: Youri (a.k.a. Willy Wortel, because he recently has glasses which looks very good on him) who always presents the needed pre-structure of our goals in planning the next activity, before every meeting. We are all very experienced on how to not stay on topic, which makes this mandatory on staying productive during every meeting. Next to this he makes sure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities in their chosen role. Besides, we have our dream-team of external contacts, consisting of Remon (aka Katrien Duck, because of his sweet-ass attitude) and Charlotte (aka Guus Geluk, because she always finds the luck to find the best discount codes awesome food during the meetings). This team ensures that what the other lacks, the other makes up for it. In this way every organization is always contacted way ahead (mostly because they have to little work to do with too many people), which creates the foundation of every activity. We also have our secretary Irem (also called the Juffrouw Eugenia, because of her solid skill to stay structured in our chaotic conversations during meetings), because she does not, miss, a, single, conversation on every meeting. This makes is very easy to stay structured during the meetings and everything gets noted. Without her, we would be talking about pizza and drinks during the whole meeting. Laura (also called Oom Dagobert, because of her mad skill to spend little money on drinks, but always manages to stay on the same level as the rest) is our treasurer. She makes sure that every penny is well spent on the VIP-activities and not on drinks or pizza. If it wasn’t for her, we probably spend our entire budget during the monthly VIP-drinks. And last, but not in the very very least, we have our promo guy, Nana (aka Zwarte Magica, because of his black hair and his magically weird sense of humour). This guy is in charge of making the posters and flyers, which magically looks on point every time, even without that many Photoshop experience, and that we have at least one person coming to every activity. This is luckily not the case for Nana, because even though coming on time on every meeting isn’t his strongest point, he always makes sure that there are enough people on every activity we’ve had so far.

We are in charge of organizing 4 different activities throughout the year, consisting of 2 study related and 2 socially related activities. The last activity we had was about Time Management which helped boosted the preparation for an upcoming busy master-yea, while still having the time to watch Netflix. The next activity will be study-related, most likely in the form of combining physique and mind, in which the details take shape in the upcoming 2 months of preparation. The last two activities will be socially related, in which the ideas are still in the brainstorming process. Long story short, we will be hosting 4 relevant, active, participative and new activities for you people, in which we maintain our mission to combine the uttermost seriousity with loads of laughter!

Hope to see you at our activities!!

Love and beaucoup de bisous,

The master-committee Clinical, developmental and Forensic Psychology

Mastercommunity Clincal, Developmental & Forensic

irem bulguroglu (2018) Secretary
Remon Jans (2018) External Affairs
Youri Lohuis (2014) Chairman
Nana Osei (2013) Promotion
Laura Rikhof (2017) Treasurer
Charlotte Sousa de Andrade Passos (2018) External Affairs

The master committee Clinical, Developmental and Forensic Psychology & Victimology organize different activities (social activities &study-related activities) for master-students.


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