Master community Brain & Behaviour

Hey guys!

We are Ella, Ana, Hanna, Marloes and Yvonne and we are the brains behind the mastercommittee Brain and Behaviour. You probably already now Ella, Ella, Ella, tududu tududu. If not, then she welcomes you under her Umberella, Ella, Ella, eeh eeh. Ella is the one keeping track of everything as the secretary and keeping the board up to date about what we do during our meetings (expect about having long boy-talks, drinking bottles of wine and having dinners at Hema). Marloes is the expert in the boy-talks, and she is the one who determines when it is enough with the fun stuff and when we really have to do something. Therefore she is the perfect chairman. Hanna, our treasurer, keeps the wallet of our committee. As we all like to spend money, Hanna is there to make sure we do not go bankrupt. Furthermore Hanna has a very special talent, she is the best in throwing teabags on a cap. Then we have Yvonne, the geakest, from Brabant. She taught us some nice words of Brabant as ‘hangtafel’. With her soft G she wins al the external affairs for her. Because she is always late, it is not a surprise that we introduce her the last, our talented and international contribution to our committee: Ana. Ana came all the way from Serbia to help us out with the promotion. She is the best in presenting our events on- and offline. With her sense of humor she can make everything look like fun.

Greetings from the Mastercommittee Brain and Behaviour

Mastercommunity Brain & Behavior 2017-2018

Marloes Greve (2013) Chairman
Ana Lazovic (2017) Promotion
Yvonne Lomans (2017) External Affairs
Ella Nooteboom (2014) Secretary
Hanna Slomp (2014) Treasurer

The different master programs in psychology each have a master committee and so does the master Clinical Neuropsychology & Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology. The committee organizes a variety of activities for master student of this program such as an open day at the Neuro Imaging Center. The committee members are free to decide which activities to organize. When organizing an activity, the committee will come in contact with people working in the field. The four master committees of VIP together also organize a study related activity, which often is in the form of application training, and a social activity.


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