Board 2019-2020

Board 2019-2020

Dear reader,

On September 25, we have been appointed as the VIP-Board of 2019-2020.  

As a board we will be busy with monitoring all activities of VIP and we will guide all the committees. We will also try to make sure our members have a great time. Besides guiding committees, we will also focus on our policy plan and try put our ideas into practice this year. 

You can find us at the Heymans faculty (Hv.0402) every Monday untill Friday, from 11:00 until 15:00. If you have any questions, want to sign up as a member or want to enjoy a nice conversation and drink a cup of coffee, always feel free to come by! You can also call us at 050-3636323 or send an e-mail to

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


The 39th VIP-Board


(Christie, Wendelien, Daniel, Lente, Lina, Lotte)

Board 2019-2020

Lente Gerlagh (2017) Chairman
Lotte Mensink (2017) Treasurer
Christie Bruinewoud (2017) Internal Affairs
Lina Naber (2017) Secretary and Commissioner of Career and Education
Daniel Buxton (2016) Public Relations and Commissioner of Internationalization


Hi everyone, 
Let me first introduce myself, my name is Lente Gerlagh, 21 years old and I am the chairman of the VIP board 2019-2020. My hometown is Noordlaren, which is a very small city near Groningen. Currently, I am in my last year of the bachelor and I am planning to finish it next year. What I love to do in my spare time is among other things cycling, going to the theatre, travel with my backpack and having a drink with my friends. 

I decided to become an active VIP member in my first year of psychology and I have had an amazing time at VIP since then. During my first year in the Social Committee, I organized the most amazing VIP parties. In my second year, I chose a more study-related committee and organized the faculty career day. During these years, I have also been part of the Bar&Cook structure. I am honored to fulfil the function of chairman within the 39th VIP board. The upcoming year, I hope to learn a lot about how to work together as a team, leading meetings and how to implement our policy plan within the association. However, most of all, I am looking forward in having an awesome time with all our members this year!




Hi guys!
I am Lotte Mensink and I am the treasurer of the VIP Board of 2019-2020. I am 21 years old and this is my third year of studying psychology. I come from Ommen, a small city in Overijssel, but I have been living in Groningen from the time I started studying. In my free time, I like to go running. In addition, I really enjoy hanging out with friends, and I like to meet new people. In my first year, I became an active member within VIP, and I have been enjoying VIP and its’ members ever since. I was part of the Dies Committee and the Yearbook Committee, and I am excited to be part of the board this year!

In the VIP board, my main task will be to keep track of the money. This means I am in close contact with the treasurers of the committees and I am checking where our association is spending our money on. It is a challenging, but really enjoyable function, because I learn many new things!

Let’s have a great year together!


Hi there!

My name is Christie Bruinewoud. I am 21 years old and a third year bachelor Psychology student. I grew up in Zwolle where I have always been part of a culturally diverse environment. As far as I can remember, I have always enjoyed being creative. I like to express my creativity by for example writing, playing theater and dancing. I always like to go on new adventures and I often get really excited trying out something new. This year's new adventure will be being on the VIP-board and working together with an amazing team. Furthermore, I love to be outside in nature and do sports like skiing, running and surfing. 

As the Internal Affairs of VIP, I am responsible for the internal communication to all the active members. Next to this I’m the commissioner of 10 committees and 3 structures and I’ll be organizing the Active Members Activities throughout the year. I enjoy this function a lot, because I get to work with a wide variety of different active members groups and I can be creative as well!

I am looking forward to meet you! Feel free to approach me any time to have a chat or do some crazy dance moves during the VIP Drinks ;).




Hey all!

My name is Lina Naber and I fulfill the role of Commissioner of Career and Education within the VIP board 2019-2020. I am 21 years old and in my third year of the bachelor Psychology now. I grew up in Sneek, in Friesland. Regarding sports, I had a lovely career in gymnastics before I started playing volleyball. When I moved to Groningen to study Psychology, I started playing beach volleybal, which I really like to do in my free time. Furthermore, I like to hang out with my friends and family. I am good in surprising my friends with the jokes I make, they are often quite unexpected. Besides this, I like to go running or cycling. Throughout the years, I found out that I am a real teamplayer and therefore I love to work in a team. I am very excited to go on the adventure of being part of the VIP board this year. 

As the Commissioner of Career and Education, my main jobs are to advise, led and coordinate multiple faculty organs that work on sustaining and improving a high quality of education. I stay in touch with the different study-related contacts within and outside the faculty. During the year, I will focus on providing our members with opportunities to orient themselves on the labor market. It is part of my job to make our members as well as different organizations aware of the relevance of Psychology in every aspect of life. 

As the Secretary, you always keep a good overview of the board and the whole association by overseeing most of the internal and external communication of VIP. It is a perfect opportunity to practice your writing skills as the secretary takes minutes in almost all meetings. 

I am looking forward to have an amazing year with you all and know that you can always approach me for questions or to have a talk or a cup of coffee!


Hey all!

My name is Daniel Buxton and I fulfill the function of Public Relations and Commissioner of Internationalization within the VIP board. I am 22 years old and currently in my fourth year of studying psychology. I was born in Sint-Niklaas, a city in the North of Belgium. I lived here until my eleventh and then we moved to Makkum, a small village in Friesland. Completely different, but a lovely place to visit! Now I live in Groningen, which I am really enjoying! In my spare time, I love to be busy with a football. I watch and play a lot football. I play football at the Knickerbockers, a club in Groningen. If you are free on a Saturday, make sure to pass by at the clubhouse! You will have a great time! Besides that, I like to hang out with my friends and have a nice glass of wine or beer.

As the commissioner of Public Relations, I am in charge of acquiring money via acquisition. I have a lot of contact with different companies and I try to make deals that are beneficial for VIP and its members. I stay in close contact with VIP’s partners. Besides that, I am also responsible for the promotion and the public image of VIP. So, it is my responsibility to make sure that you are all updated about the events VIP organizes. I am really looking forward to upcoming year and to meet a lot of new people.I like the variation in tasks I have and all the new things that I am learning!

As the Commissioner of Internationalization (COI), I monitor VIP´s internationalization and inclusion process by creating evaluation forms and involving in many discussions with VIP members, the faculty representatives, and other study associations. I can use my own creativity to create new projects as well! For example this years working group of Diversity and Inclusion. The aim of this working group is to stimulate diversity and inclusion within VIP. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to have a talk!


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